Zimbabwe is 35 today and it just feels epic and calls for a nice compilation of some tunes that make reference to our independence. Some tunes have mbira, some don’t, they are just fantastic tunes to help us remember.

The selection is a quick selection because to do justice to all songs would require doing a series with more details explanations. Hopefully the brief descriptions of the songs will be useful to understand their relevance. The songs picked here are mainly shona songs.

Pemberai- Thomas Mapfumo and Blacks Unlimited

To get us going let’s start off with Mukanya’s Pemberai which can simple be translated as rejoice. ‘Nhasi ndezvedu’ – today is our day. Straight to the point.

Kubatana- Temba Majonjo Neteererai Chivanhu Sounds

From the popular Mbira Singles Collection album we’ve picked out this tune. Its a nice celebration of the fact that we achieved self rule with a word of encouragement to work together to make a prosperous Zimbabwe.

Mbuya Nehanda – Harare Mambos

This is a great celebration of the inspiration that Mbuya Nehanda put behind the fight for self rule. If you are not aware of who Mbuya Nehanda is then you’ve got your research task for the day.

Zimbabwe – Bob Marley and The Wailers

This might seem random but this was a monumental song for Zimbabwe locally and internationally. (maybe should have translated into shona 🙂 )

Tozvireva Tingaputike Neshungu – Mbira Dzenharira

They are whistling and humming and it’s beautiful.

Black September – Master Chivero

Master Chivero did a lot of liberation songs and some people who are might not have been into mbira music back in the 70s and 80s will occasionally mention his name  in their attempts to demonstrate that they know something about mbira. ‘Nyika yeZimbabwe ndeyeropa’ – it was the spillage of blood that brought us Zimbabwe.

Got to hit the sack after a long tiring day so we’ll have to end it here for now. What’s your favourite  Zimbabwean song to celebrate #Zim35?

Have a great independence day and hopefully we’ll all feel like this at the end of the day…