Anna Mudeka Band

Anna Mudeka

UK based Zimbabwean songstress Anna Mudeka will be releasing her new album Dendende on the 27th of April in both digital download and CD formats.

Featuring 12 tracks, the album includes 8 traditional songs from Zimbabwe, a traditional song from India, a classic song from Kenya, and 2 new songs – one of which features an English narrative about Anna and her sisters as a vocal trio living in the township of Rugare, Zimbabwe. The other song: Evelina/Carlina is dedicated to Anna’s two young daughters and all children ‘for the love they bring to the world.’ Anna’s girls make a ‘cameo appearance’ on the lead into the song itself.

Dendende was recorded and mastered at Tontena Studio, Norfolk, UK and was produced by John Vigar for Tontena Music with Anna Mudeka.

Album PictureCatch it when it’s out soon!