Linos Wengara Magaya

Unofa Uchitambura


“A well recognised traditional song. In this message, the Spirit is giving advice to a hard working person who has given trust to a wrong relative.

Its natural to give trust to relatives especially when you are far from home – you want to rely on people back at your home to look after your affairs and belongings while you are away. But the song warns that you have to be careful to choose those who really care for you in their hearts and want the best for you.
‘You’ll die struggling and sweating while others take advantage of your hard work. You might end up with nothing in the end. There are those who don’t know how to be happy with others, they just want to grab and take from you, so be careful before you give them your belongings to look after.
There are even those who disvalue your spirits and spiritual life, they think they are ahead of you spiritually, yet they don’t see that they are actually stealing from you.
Have faith in the relatives who value you and your efforts, trust in those who respect you and are proud of your work and your spiritual life”– Zimbaremabwe 2014