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Mushawaparara Mbira group is a must in the narrative of mbira in Zimbabwe over the years. They’ve gone a bit quiet recently but they are definitely one of the groups that got lots of Zimbabweans dancing to mbira on the airwaves.  Their song Mbavha Nemuroyi with it’s brilliant story and comic video was a big hit on Mutinhimhira Weumhanzi/Ezomgido the most popular television show of local Zimbabwean music. If you’ve not come cross this collection on YouTube take time to familiarise yourself and buy the album (available on Itunes or Google Play) if it is worthy of your ears. Enjoy

Chamukonjora Chakoromoka

Mwana Musikana

Mbavha Nemuroyi

Musha Wababa

Yera Mambo

Sango Rinorura

Gore Rinouya

Hama Yangu


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  1. And hey, …

    “Mushawaparara Mbira Group are arguably the Supreme and the Absolute Mbira Music Kings of Zimbabwe. Notwithstanding the challenges of a few cheeky pretenders and the attempted distraction of noises made by overzealous and opportunist masqueraders, Mushawaparara have firmly established themselves as the indisputable Supremos, unassailable maestro and Zimbabwe’s Ultimate Kings of the Mbira. Their highly original and complex brand of Mbira Music has proven both inimitable and unassailable, elevating them upwards into the realm of the gods. Trailblazers in every sense of the word, Mushawaparara Mbira Group are a heaven above the rest. The Mbira Music played by Mushawaparara Mbira Group is Mbira Music that one will never hear from anyone else but Mushawaparara Mbira Group, unlike other chancers who might be trying to build their careers by playing to the overkill the age old Mbira Classics that are as common to every Mbira player as the gun is to every soldier. The infinite reserves of Mushawaparara’s artistic creativity are second to none.

    Mushawaparara Mbira Group were the spearhead in the mass scale commercialisation of Mbira Music in modern Zimbabwe and in the transformation of the Mbira from an instrument of social and radio entertainment into a powerful industrial tool. Mushawaparara created the Mbira Music Industry of Zimbabwe. They were the first modern day Group to go not only commercial, but even industrial, with the Mbira in Zimbabwe. Everybody who has followed in their wake has done nothing more than chase the shadow of this phenomenal Group. “

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