Join Zee Guveya and the Heritage Survival band at the Luton Carnival on 26 May.

ZEE Guveya and The HERITAGE Survival Band is a group of talented musicians from Zimbabwe who have relocated to Manchester. Zivai Guveya founded the band in 2002. The band plays Afro-jazz music consisting of a fusion of guitars and the Zimbabwean traditional instrument, mbira.

2 Replies to “Zee Guveya and The Heritage Survival @ Luton Carnival”

  1. Thanks for the update,i would have appreciated it a little more had it been sent to mea week earlier though.Anyway thanks,listen is there anyway you can link me up to any festivals,promoters&concerts outside there in the UK for i am a mbira artist in Zimbabwe looking up to tour in the UK.I play mbira music &we as a group toured many countries like Canada,China,US…to name but a few.YOUR HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED…..FRANCIS MAKWAVARARA

  2. Hi Francis, apologies that you didn’t get this as soon as your would have liked to. What is the name of your group? Zvembira currently isn’t into promotion that can help set up tours. We are just amplifying what is happening in the world of mbira with a bias on the UK. You are very welcome to blog on the site about your group’s activities or any other mbira subjects you might want to explore. If you would like to blog, just let us know and we will get you set up as a contributor to the site. Hopefully we can help amplify your activities to those who might have the ability to help organise tours. Many thanks

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