“Timbila is part of a new wave of world rock bands that creates music without borders. In their unique sound they manage to capture the mystic vibrations of an ancient Zimbabwean instrument called the mbira, meticulously interweaving the amplified pick, pluck and strum of the modern guitar. The folklore music is authentic and sung in Shona – a popular majority language of Zimbabwean culture . These songs usually accompanied by the ngoma ne hosho (drum and shakers) are used to invoke the spirits of the Zimbawean ancestors to precide over the “bira” – an overnight vigil, conducted to either appease or ask the gods for direction.

Timbila pushed the boundaries by introducing another ancient instrument, the violin of western origin which was keyed to blend in with the mbira and accommodate the choral voices. Collectively, Timbila boasts of decades of musical expertize among them having spent years of training from reputable institutions and also under the guardian wings from various mbira music gurus of Zimbabwe.

Timbila played at Meridian 23 in Manhattan and the audience was captivated by their magic.” Zambezi Press