Renowned Zimbabwean mbira teacher, player, manufacturer and poet Ticha Muzavazi (Trust Mutekwa) will be launching a groundbreaking mbira handbook for nyunga nyunga on the 11th of March. With copies already selling fast, make sure that you get your hands on a copy.

What’s in the handbook?

If you are wondering why you might need this book, it covers the following

  • Dozens of song patterns developed from nyunga nyunga playing modes such as  Vamudhara, Jari-Kukaiwa, Kusarima and Nhemamsasa.
  • The handbook comes with 85 video clips making it easy for anyone to work with the manual.
  • The book’s method is easy to use for a student working without a teacher.
  • For international students, this makes it possible to learn without having to travelling to Zimbabwe.

The book is useful for school teachers, college lecturers, musicians and mbira makers.It has become one of the means influencing further research on the part of any one who works with the mbira

Reserve your copy

If you would like to buy a copy, let Ticha Muzavazi know now.