It’s Friday again folks!

This week’s Friday post is celebrates ‘that extra touch’ in performance. Sometimes you see, listen and watch something where you purely enjoy the extra touch of brilliance that the artist puts in.

Gliding With Mbira

What better way to usher in the weekend with a bit of Kurai Mubaiwa’s captivating performance  at Zimfest 2011.

In Memory of a Great Dancer

Mbira DzeNharira changed the landscape of mbira music in Zimbabwe when they burst onto the scene. The popularity of their style of mbira made them national icons. Besides their music,  a master of presence captured people’s attention.

Tonderai Phiri captured people’s attention with his highly energetic but graceful mbira dances. If ever you went to a Mbira DzeNharira and later Mawungira ENharira, it would have been a disappointing day if he wasn’t dancing as he added an amazing extra touch to the performances. Here is a video of Mbira DzeNharira with Tonde doing his stuff. He is the guy in the black and white garb in some shots. For those who don’t know who Tonde was, he is a legend! RIP

Have  great weekend!