The UK is rich with mbira players. Just as an introduction we have compiled a short list of videos to introduce you to some of these great names.

Chartwell Dutiro

Chartwell teaches Mbira, dance, percussion and singing in community and school settings nationally and internationally. He is the founder of the long running mbira gatherings, which occur throughout the year such as Zimbabwe in Devon, Clan Mbira Scotland and Mbira Mubako in Seuilly, France.

Anna Mudeka

Based in Norfolk for more than 10 years, Anna has been playing music rooted in African traditions for a long time.

Linos Wengara Magaya

Linos is based in Brighton and he leads the band Zimbaramabwe. Zimbaramabwe performs, practices and teaches Zimbabwean arts particularly Mbira based music, both traditional and modern.

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