To many of us who love mbira we know Sekuru Gora for his beautiful vocals, cheeky lyrics, (more on that in an upcoming post), and prowess at playing mbira.  However for so many not-into-mbira  Zimbabweans, they most likely know him for his song Kana Ndafa and its unforgettable video as I have found out through many conversations with them, younger and old.

Unforgettable Image

It was in the late 90s on the popular local music TV programme Mutinhimira Wemumhanzi/Ezomgido that he truly took hold of the nation with his video of the song. It was the image of an old man dancing energetically to a Dinhe beat that won him praise even from those who were not necessarily into the type of music he was playing. In the video was Sekuru Majesa, (who I was lucky to have as a traditional dance teacher at some point in my life), who many would remember for his great dance as well. Together they taught traditional dance to many kids particularly so in Chitungwiza.

I have been  and am still searching for that amazing video of Sekuru Gora dancing. I do hope it won’t just get dusty somewhere in the archives at ZBC and never be seen again. Here is an audio anyway  and it’s powerful lyrics and have a great weekend.

3 Replies to “Sekuru Gora’s song that captured the nation”

  1. No one better than Sekuru Gora. It’s always funny to me to see that video as I took the photos shown in the video at Sekuru Chigamba’s house in 2000 in preparation for the recording “Vakuru Chaivo” which sadly ended up being the last recording Sekuru Gora did. The person that made this video decided to crop me out of the first picture (I guess a white guy would be distracting, lol).

  2. Lol, you might have become too much of a distraction!

    Sekuru Gora is such an amazing treasure. I never met the man but many times I do imagine that I would have enjoyed having a drink with him. His wit in his songs is just great.

  3. Inspiring to here this amazing music, I’m just starting out with my nyunga nyunga mbira and itis just motivating to hear this music

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