“Schooling the World” examines the hidden assumption of cultural superiority behind education aid projects, which overtly aim to help children “escape” to a “better life” – despite mounting evidence of the environmental, social, and mental health costs of our own modern consumer lifestyles, from epidemic rates of childhood depression and substance abuse to pollution and climate change.

Mbira Month
Wednesday, September 18th – 2.00pm @ ZIFTESSA – (Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa) 57 Mazowe St. Harare, Zimbabwe

And it questions our very definitions of wealth and poverty – and of knowledge and ignorance – as it uncovers the role of schools in the destruction of traditional sustainable agricultural and ecological knowledge, in the breakup of extended families and communities, and in the devaluation of elders and ancient spiritual traditions.
If you see this film you might finally realize why it is important to have our traditional arts imbedded into what is taught in our schools. Do yourself a favor and come to watch this film!

PRODUCED BY Neal Marlens, Jim Hurst, Mark Grossan
PHOTOGRAPHY Jim Hurst, Ben Knight
SOUND Jim Hurst