Join October Gallery for an exhilarating evening of African music!

Performing artist Phillip Nangle is from Cape Town, South Africa. He specialises in Mbira, namely the Karimba and the lesser known Njari. These African musical instruments consist of wood with attached staggered metal tines, and are played by holding the instrument in the hands whilst plucking the tines with the thumbs. Nangle will be accompanied on Mbira by fellow musician, Warric Hand.

A tasty African dinner will be served at 7pm, followed by the performance at 8pm.

Phillip Nangle is a Master multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder of traditional Southern African musical instruments. Phillip worked in the nine years leading up to the end of apartheid in South Africa as a cultural activist in music/dance/drama performances and workshops which brought together separated youth in a dynamic and creative expression of their hope and vision for the future.

An accomplished African and contemporary dance drummer, storyteller and teacher of inter-disciplinary cultural forms in which music is the central core, he has led many people in music and movement experiences and also works with the traditional panpipe dance forms of Southern Africa. The largest of these was 250 participants of a medical symposium at the University of Cape Town that included psychologists and traditional healers. He has participated in traditional ceremonies in Cape Town and Harare.

Phillip co-workshopped and performed in the cross-cultural Abamanyani show, (Grahamstown Festival 1st Fringe Award 1987), directed the music and performed in Isegazini, (Festival 2nd Fringe Award 1988), directed the music for Third World Bunfights’ production “The Prophet”, (Festival 1st Award 1998). He worked with leaders of Cape Town marimba and dance groups to create the Kwangoma Orchestra of traditional Southern African instruments. He co-initiated and directed the We Create Our Future Trust multi-cultural rural youth project which hosted Africa’s first “Peace Child” and won the Captrust Award for the best cultural and environmental centre.

Phillip has performed with Munkie Ncapayi, Syd Kitchen, Pedro espi Sanchez, Steve Newman, Greg Giorgados, Kholeho Mosala, Ayanda Hollow and Derek Gripper. He currently lives in Italy and is a teacher, instrument builder, artist and farmer.

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  1. Wonderful music, partially traditional, partially innovative. Great!

    I especially love the “noisy” sound of the instrument used in the 3. tune.

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