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DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. — A Dobbs Ferry group is set to host a concert for Zimbabwean musician Patience Chaitezvi on Oct. 6.

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The Traditional Mbira Concert With Mbiranyc is scheduled for 4 p.m. Oct. 6 at Curious-on-Hudson in Dobbs Ferry. This event includes a concert and discussion on the role of Mbira in Shona Culture of Zimbabwe, according to a press release from Curious-on-Hudson.

Chaitezvi is scheduled to perform traditional mbira music and will hold a discussion “on the role of women in Zimbabwe, the different traditional ceremonies and the role of spirit mediums in these ceremonies,” according to the release.

Residents are invited to attend the concert and discussion and dancing.

Chaitezvi has toured the US three times, once with the all-women mbira group Vakaranga Venharetare: Women of the Spirits, according to the release. She has performed at the Zimbabwe Music Festival in Washington and California and has taught workshops in mbira, hosho, dance, drumming, and Shona religion, language and culture, according to the release.

Tickets at the door are on a sliding scale of $10 to 20.
Limited seating. For more information residents are asked to email info@curiousonhudson.com or call 914-412-8393