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…..On Nhemamusasa

So there you have it, Nhemamusasa in both fibre glass and natural gourd. This is really hard as you might want to have the same recording equipment, same musician etc but this is what was available until we or someone does a proper ‘controlled experiment’!

Enjoy 🙂

Caution Shonai and Erica Azim (Natural Gourd)

Cosmas Magaya and Beaular Dyoko (Fibre Glass)

Loved both!

2 Replies to “Natural Gourd Meets Fibre Glass…”

  1. … we Talking about sound , not the performance , dońt we ?
    I préfer natural deze sound !
    I CAN explain why !
    I ˆm fan of african instruments , …
    if we travel to Mali ;
    thé Kora , amplification with natural deze.
    thé balafon ( marimba ) amplification with natural deze.
    thé n’gôni and kamal n’gôni , amplification natural deze.
    this 3 or 4 instruments played together is thé traditional sound of Mali .
    if we compare , the Kora to the occidental harp . thé balafon to the occidental vibraphone . and thé n’gôni to thé guitar or banjo : the particularity of african sound ?
    à muted Lovely sound … perfect to play in rythm …. thé natural gourd !
    For me , occidental player … calabash muted sound is ONe if thé particularity and identity of african sound .
    when I play with my bro who plays thé Kora , there is a unity of sounds given by thé gourd !
    but … Africans instruments have already change in thé past , meeting others culture and absorbing new technologies .
    that´s not a problem when it helps thé music to grow ….
    but in this case I think thé fiber glass deze helps thé musician, not thé music !
    I have a surprise for you guys !
    à crazy Man , from Portugal … made a bamboo Mbira .!!!!!
    before steel !
    Will post that for you guys !
    incredible !

    1. That’s a great contribution David. Looking forward to the bamboo mbira! You can send us a direct message via the Zvembira Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/zvembira for instructions on how you can upload the bamboo mbira to the site or discuss an alternative way of sharing. Thanks 🙂

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