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Mbira Warehouse is the place for you if you need to know where to buy instruments, merchandise and music.  We have compiled a list of some reputable suppliers who provide good quality products and service. It is of course possible to buy things online on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. We would advise you to only do so if you know exactly what you are looking for. There have been cases of people buying instruments which are not playable.


Mbira UK

Instruments and Accessories

ticha muzavazi mbira


Nyunga Nyunga by Ticha Muzavazi: Get yourself a nyunga nyunga from one of the most sought after nyunga nyunga makers. You can order one with a Jack or not and you can also include a bag and a tutorial booklet. ( A tutorial DVD is in the making).
Email: muzavazi@gmail.com



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Sebastian Pott is a German mbira maker who studied mbira making from Chris Mhlanga and other master mbira makers of Zimbabwe.

To contact Sebastian Pott, you can email him at africaninstruments@gmx.de or phone him on +4917678383687




Juma drums, juma mbira
Juma Drums offer mbira, kalimba and instrument bags. Dingiswayo Juma has over 20 years of experience making mbira and has made instruments for many people worldwide. Instruments can be shipped world-wide and come in different sizes, tunings (C, D, G, F major etc and tunings like mavembe), can be made on special request and can be ordered with a protective bag in different colours. Buy and view their products via their online shop here 



buy njari mbira

Phillip Nangle, instrument builder and musician from Cape Town builds high quality 19 reed (7-note scale) karimba and 3-octave njari mbiras with instruction and notation.

For info and to place an order email: phillip@kalkbay.co.za





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Ghana Goods supplies the best natural gourds to make your deze. Based in Bristol,they can send you your gourd. Contact them and explain that you need a gourd for your mbira they will know exactly what you need and explain the different sizes they have.Contact : info@bristoldrumming.com or 0117 9354132 or http://www.ghanagoods.com/



Mbira UK


Get your self some these books on mbira

  • 9780754657996Zimbabwean Mbira Music on an International Stage: Chartwell Dutiro’s Life in Music . Edited by Chartwell Dutiro and Keith Howard

This volume is a collaborative venture between musicians and academics, which builds an account of the mbira. It celebrates Dutiro’s musicianship, exploring his musical development and the collaborations he has been involved with, while at the same time discovering his personal, political and religious perspectives.
Buy from here




  • 978-0-226-04379-1-frontcoverThe Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe. Paul Berliner

This book is very useful if you want to know more on the cultural context for the music. It also provides a good  account of the meaning of the instrument and its music.

Grab yourself a copy from Amazon





Mbira Recordings/Music

Getting hold of mbira recordings can be difficult in the UK, however because of the growing availability of digital music it has never been much easier.  You can find some stuff on Amazon and iTunes.

Mbira.org, Erica Azim


Mbira.org in the United States has a very extensive collection of mbira recordings than you will find any other place on the internet. To access their collection please click here




Hugh Tracey, Mbira International Library for African Music (ILAM): Another place to for online mbira music is ILAM. They have old recording done by Hugh Tracey. Worth a visit to the site if you can. You just have to work hard to find the mbira songs though! http://www.ru.ac.za/ilam/ilam/


Mbira UK

Websites you might find useful 

Mhararano Mbira Academy – www.mbira-academy.org.uk

Zimbaremambwe – www.zimbaremabwe.org

Chaka neMbirawww.chakanembiracreative.com

Rattletree www.rattletree.com

MbiraTab Series – www.bmichaelwilliams.com