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Weekends can be tough sometimes. The plan was simple, wait for the weekend and take the mbiras out to the park and spend some nice time in the sun. Unfortunately, as British weather always has the upper hand, the sun decided to stay away and the rain triumphed. If you had the sun, good on you! Hopefully the week ahead is going to be special to make up for the weekend fiasco.

Now to the business. Here is a small collection of tunes that caught our eye for different reasons ove the last week.

Vakorinte XIII- Netsayi

Here is Netsayi with a rendition of Hondo called Vakorinte XIII. A nice song to listen to while relaxing. Definitely one for playing when you have friends round and you want some nice mbira background song. There is a mix of nyunga nyunga and mbira dzavadzimu on the track.  Nice.  


Rinos Mukuwurirwa and Edgar Bera 

Here is a nice video of Rinos Mukuwurirwa and Edgar Bera from Shangara Beat on YouTube. Very new and lovely.

Fado ft Tobbie

This is described as ‘Zim Afro Mbira Vibes’.  Zimbabwe loves reggae music and you can here the reggae influences on this song. One reason why this song caught our eye is because it is one of many songs that are clearly using the mbira sound in modern music in Zimbabwe.  Not a new concept at all  but that it might nice to show another musical expression style using mbira in Zimbabwe. (Could have done with a better finishing!)

On Tuesday the Zimbabwe in Devon mbira camp kicks off.  We’ll be sending some updates from the camp at the end of the week and more stuff next week.

Have a great week!