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Hello folks,

Hoping that your week  has started well so far. Lots has been happening in the world of Zvembira over the past few days. Over on Facebook we ran a quick poll last week on whether Mbira DzeNharira made mbira music popular  amongst  people who might not have usually listened to mbira before and the comments and responses were very interesting.

Mbira: On the Edge 

Our great friend Gilbert has also posted a mbira video on YouTube to share.  Here is the description of the the video,

A 15 minute clip from Jeremy Marre (director) & Derek Bailey’s (Writer/Narrator) series of short films about improvisation in music. Broadcast on Channel 4 (UK) in 1992, as “On The Edge”, the series showed singing & music from many parts of the World. This is from the 4th part of the series, “Nothin’ Premeditated”. Amongst others, featured here are the late Mondrek Muchena, and the recently passed Beauler Dyoko.


We are looking forward to a great week and some interesting blogs by a number of people are on the way. It is nice to see the community of mbira bloggers is growing and if you would also like to write on Zvembira just send an email via the contacts page.

Next week the biggest annual mbira gathering in the UK kicks off in Devon. If you’ve missed the news somehow, click here for more details.

Have a great week!

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