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A new initiative to create a Global Mbira Community Map has been launched.

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The popularity of Zimbabwe’s mbiras has been growing exponentially beyond Zimbabwe’s borders over the last few decades. We’ve seen particularly huge interests in the mbira huru/ mbira dzavadzimu and the nyunga nyunga. This has left many wondering where in the world they can possibly bump into someone playing or making a mbira.

Some have experienced a delightful surprise when they have bumped into Linos Wengara Magaya playing along the beach in Brighton, England. Surprises are great but sometimes don’t you wish things were a bit more easier and planned rather than left to chance? Recently, a friend travelled to Norway and wanted to know if there are any players in Norway that they could meet up with but it was really hard getting such information.

The time to wonder and leaving things to chance could be up if you contribute to a great initiative of building a Global Mbira Community Map that is being led by Chaka Zinyemba, a Zimbabwean mbira player based in Canada. According to the map brief,

It allows for an individual to see what is going on in their neck of the woods and make connections and collaborations with other like minded people.

If you interested in contributing or viewing some contributions so far please visit Chaka’s website here.

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