3 Replies to “From an Old Master – Mubayiwa Bandambira playing Dangurangu”

  1. Thanks for reblogging. I published this first on my own blog because I wanted to address my non-Zimbabwean audience there (thus the talk about “the untrained western ear”), but of course this gem of a vintage recording also belongs here 🙂

      1. I think it is a mistake to take the noisy timbre of such instruments as a fault. A sound ideal from European music is imposed on the music and something is lost. Instead, people should see that there is an extra dimension that has its own special aesthetic possibilities. I would like to hear people experimenting in that direction again.
        The same trend is also there in other traditions. I have just posted an old recording of a famous Japanese tune on my blog. Compare the sound of the bamboo flute in that recording with how the tune is played in some modern recordings of it you may find on Youtube. It is “cleaned up” and as a result, some of the magic is lost. The “polished” versions seem bland and sterile in comparison.

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