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Dear folks,

It’s another Friday and an excuse to share with you some nice mbira stuff that we’ve found online. We hope the week has been great and that preparations for the weekend are taking shape. Here in London the temperatures are now getting warmer each day meaning we will soon be enjoying playing and listening to music in the parks. However as the weather of this country goes, we will take each day at a time because we could be dealing with lots of rain!

Chigwaya – Chimatira Primary School Mbira Lesson

First on the list is a sweet and beautiful video of kids from Chimatia Primary school playing Chigwaya during a lesson taught by Caution Shonai.  Definitely love this video on many levels. It’s the playing and singing from the kids as well as the fact that Caution Shonai is making time to teach another generation how to play.  Definitely  a commendable initiative.

All Around the Globe 53: Zimbabwe Special

The next piece is an hour long radio broadcast by Red Light Radio and it’s worth listening to every second of it. Hidden in there are some great mbira jams from the likes of the Reggae Mbira Sounds and Mhuri Yekwa Mapurisa Na Charles Zimowa. There is also other music from Zimbabwe that is also worth listening to.


This is an interesting rendition of Chemutengure. Never mind that the singer struggles  a bit with Shona, the inclusion of a Sotho sounding language is actually very interesting and a bit mesmerising! If someone knows what the language used  is please let us know.  Take a listen

Bembero: Melissa and Tom

Tom Melkonian and Melissa Cara Rigoli performing “Bembero” on mbira, Krishna Pulavarti on hosho in Santa Cruz.  Beautiful playing.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Reblogged this on The Asifoscope and commented:
    For the start of the weekend enjoy some nice mbira music. Ever since I attended my first mbira concert in the early 1980s (Stella Chiweshe, in those days with a totally traditional group, in “Werkstatt 3” in Hamburg) and bought my first record of Ephat Mujuru, I have been in love with the mbira music from Zimbabwe. It is nice to see that this music is still being taught to children! The future stars of Zimbabwe.

  2. Great! I love the way these children are having fun. Heartwarming! I have reblogged this. The other tunes are also nice.

  3. The Red Light Radio stuff is great. There seem to bee some tunes by Thomas Mapfumo to be include (I think that is him). I like the way he transferred the melodic patterns of Mbira music to Guitar. The rest (clapping, singing, drum) is just like the old Mbira music. Here, you can really hear that the African guitar traditions are, to a great extend, rooted in the music of the lamellophones, like the Mbira.

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