Appeared in The Herald on 23/07/2103

Mbira music will take centre stage at the inaugural Zimbabwe Festival Bira (Zimfeb) to be held on August 9 at the Book Café. Speaking on the developments of Zimfeb, the events co-ordinator, Publisher Chikepe, said the selection of artistes was biased towards mbira. “We have made a wide selection of artistes but we are centred towards mbira fusion. This is so because in Sweden, where the festival was founded, the instrument is not as popular as the traditional drums and percussion. We are aiming at promoting it as it is also a part of us as well,” he said.

Celebrated mbira outfit Mawungira Enharira is among the artistes that will take centre stage at the music extravaganza. Group leader Wilfred MaAfrika, better known as Nyamasvisva, applauded the move saying guests should brace themselves for a treat.

“We are happy to be showcasing our music because such recognition is encouraging considering that we have worked so hard over the years. We are going to be dishing out our best songs from previous albums and the upcoming album Vhunza Mutupo,” he said.

Other highlights of the show will be in the form of “Ambuya vaJestina” and “MaNcube Music” as well as Sweden-based Luckson “Manluckerz” Chikuti and the Zim Traditional Unity.

Manluckerz, on the other hand, will be launching his fourth album, “Gutu, My Roots”, at the festival.

“I am excited to be coming back to my roots because that is where it all began,” he said from his base in Sweden.

The Zimfeb was formed in April 2007 and has been held three times every year ever since.

“The festival’s objective is to bring people together through celebrating cultures from different parts of the world. We also aim to promote awareness through music,” said Chikuti.

“This is also a chance to showcase Zimbabwe’s unique traditional music and entertain our people living in Sweden. We have had local artistes like Hope Masike making appearances at the same festival here in Sweden and now it is even better since we are bringing it home,” said Chikuti.

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  1. M edson kachuta a mbira musician ,i wish to visit there playing mbira , have 5 albums and a dvd ,my contact +263 775 111 897 pliz help

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