There are a number of ‘fusion’ music projects taking place in Zimbabwe nowadays. Yesterday we posted  an article that talked of Zimbolta, a fusion of mbira music and Italian Jazz and today there is an article talking of ‘Afro-Hip hop’ which claims to be ‘a brand new style, unique to Zimbabwe and has got mbira fused with jit.’ Well, we wonder how new this is as other musicians have fused mbira with hip hop before, waiting to hear how the jit part works.  We of course wonder what direction these mbira fusions will take mbira. 

Here is a full article on ‘Afro Hip Hop’ 

“MA1”, a new Afro-beat song by rapper Pee-Kay is hitting the club scene like no man’s business. Often when people say “Ma1” also written in Shona as “mahwani” in street lingo means going through a rough patch. The Harare rapper, whose real name is Patrick Kahlari, has released his EP featuring the talents of BaShupi and South African Speedy of Bongo Maffin.

The single was produced by Zimbabwean producer Simba Tagz at the Show Time Studios in South Africa.

“Ma1” has a catchy chorus where BaShupi laces his signature traditional hooks just like he did on “Godo”.

He sings: “Lengoma, lengoma, Hoiyei yei yei, Nemamonya tobhigwa nemamonya.”

He, however, takes a dig at his former buddie Stunner who popularised “mashark” chant when he sings: Guess who’s back at the top,

Mahwani Tisu mashark, mahwani Tagz better turn that beat up, mahwani

BaShupi hona jaguar ratinaro, mahwani

Hona tine zvibhodhoro, mahwani

Tobhigwa nemamonya, mahwani

Hona mabhebhi atinawo mahwani

Dj iwe, mahwani, hoiyei yei yerere, mahwani

According to Pee-Kay, his music is afro hip-hop which he says is distinctly Zimbabwean.

The single is also characterised by the use of syncopation, which reflect the wide urban Zimbabwean landscape and the sense of personal freedom characteristic led by young Zimbabweans.

The single opens with a chorus from Pee-Kay before he drops a bombshell verse followed by another verse as he shows his lyrical prowess while BaShupi rides on the chorus.

The single has a bonus track titled “Letting Go” which Pee-Kay and “Speedy”, the SA award-winning artiste known for chart topper “Lento” which he did with Professor of Kalawa Jazmee.

In an interview, Pee-Kay said his fans should prepare for more.

“Afro hip-hop is a brand new style, unique to Zimbabwe and has got mbira fused with jit. We came up with this concept to appeal and capture a wider audience be it young or old. It has got that addictive tune and hook in Shona.

“We are sounding original as much as possible because that is the way to go.

“Look at the Nigerians they have their own music that is associated with their culture and we should have our own Zimbabwean sound and that is why we called it afro-hip-hop,” he said.

Pee-Kay said the video of the song will be released soon.

The 29-year-old, who is a graphic designer by profession, says the sky was not even the limit for him.

He is expected to tour the United States in December to promote afro-hip-hop music.