Nora Balaban

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  • Nora Balaban teaches weekly mbira classes in New York City and weekly classes in Westchester.


    Nora has been playing Zimbabwean  and other African music for over 30 years.

    In 1982 she joined the band Mapenzi, a ten-piece “Zimbabwe Style” dance band, recording and performing for three years as a marimba player and singer.

    In 1996 Nora traveled to Zimbabwe for ten months to study with Mbira Master Tute Chigamba and his family. She took daily lessons and performed at ceremonies and various functions with the family, solidifying her playing and understanding of the instruments and culture.  She has returned to Zimbabwe several times over the years to continue her music studies.

    Besides Tute Chigamba and family, she has also studied with Musekiwa Chingodza, Chartwell Dutiro, Forward Kwenda, Patience Chaitezvi, Cosmas Magaya, Garikayi Tirikoti and many others.

    Presently Nora teaches Mbira privately and in group workshops. She organizes workshops and concerts for many of Zimbabwe’s visiting Mbira Masters.

    Music performance

    Nora also also play timbila, the Chopi xylophone from Mozambique and currently play with two groups: