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    Zimbaremabwe is a musical collective led by Linos Wengara Magaya. We perform, practice and teach Zimbabwean arts particularly Mbira based music, both traditional and modern. Mbira is a traditional Zimbabwean instrument used in Shona culture for spiritual ceremonies.

    Zimbaremabwe has its roots in the spiritual values of traditional Zimbabwean culture. In our work we display a positive image of this culture to share with all people. We are based in Brighton, UK.

    Linos Wengara Magaya

    Zimbaremabwe began making music many years ago in Zimbabwe, led by Linos Wengara Magaya. They were well acknowledged then as a musical force, always in demand for spiritual ceremonies. The band also played top venues around Zimbabwe and played with names like Thomas Mapfumo.

    Linos came over to England in 1997. He established a UK based Zimbaremabwe band and played many shows with artists like Chartwell Dutiro, Stella Chiweshe, Oliver Mtkudzi, The Wailers,Thomas Mapfumo.

    Linos and Zimbaremabwe now have many shows to their name, from festivals such as Womad, Rhythm Tree, Solfest, Glastonberry and venues such as the Brighton Dome, The Barbican, Africa Centre, London. They conduct workshops for schools, SOAS university and special events including in Spain. We have worked with the BBC in Brighton and featured on their Showcase project.