Mbira Camp Germany

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Sometimes you pick something up and you can’t let go. That in a nutshell is my story with mbira. This passion has driven me to try to get as many people playing. When I first moved to the UK I found it hard to find mbira players who I could play with so as to enjoy the full texture of the music. After lots of frustrations I began to teach some few people so that we could play together. I found it a rather rewarding experience not just for me but the people I taught as well despite the obvious selfish interests in it for me!  With time I did find many players and I have been scratching my head since on how to make it easier for people to know about mbira activities in the UK. The result is Zvembira.com.

I am working closely with most of the prominent mbira players in the UK to make the Zvembira goal a reality. Please just send an email for a chat.