Zvembira started off as an initiative to ease the process of getting and sharing information about Zimbabwean Mbira in the UK but has now grown into mbira blog highlighting major events and news from everywhere though still with a bias on the UK.

Zvembira  can be translated to mean  ‘about mbira’ or ‘things related to mbira’. It can be mbira music, the people who play and listen to mbira, it can be about the instruments, the culture around mbira or anything that you can think of related to mbira!

For the UK our goals are,

  • To provide a platform that makes it easier for people to get and share information about mbira activities in the UK
  • To increase awareness on the opportunities to learn to play mbira in the UK
  • To provide more accessible high quality mbiras for teachers and students for lessons
  • To organise affordable, regular and structured group and individual mbira lessons
  • To coordinate activities for the celebration of Mbira Month in September in the UK

For the wider world, the goals are

  • To provide a platform to talk about and discuss issues related to mbira
  • To highlight major events happening around the world
  • To celebrate the great mbira traditions of Zimbabwe


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